About Me

Hey, thanks for wanting to read about me! I’ll try to make my story more interesting than real life. Let’s face it, a good work of fiction can sometimes over power anything real, but hey, I’m a dreamer with an addiction to escapism.

IMG_2814You’re on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Vimeo and you’re hungry for lesbian content. Who actually weeds through everything in the genre? Who has time? Well, I do. I’m a freelancer in Los Angeles and keep a schedule like a kid in school. I cherish my time off and my biggest, arguably only, interest aside from my career is lesbian content. Now sometimes I see lesbian content in things that are arguably lesbian but I figure if it I get all warm and fuzzy inside about something then there is probably someone behind the scenes orchestrating it for a reason (and giggling like a school girl).

My mission: show you just how much lesbian content is out there and how much of a delightful web of entertainment it all can be through linking books, blogs, websites, festivals, and ways to support our community. I won’t grab onto every iota of content, there is so much out there how could I? But I will go through the ones I find important, inspiring, amazing, or just plain entertaining.

I’m a big ole lesbian and I don’t know about you but I love entertainment specifically geared toward me. Those hetero flicks and entertainment are great but there is nothing more amazing than a story about me, and you, and all of us.

I also got to write/direct my very own short film. It’s called “Once Upon A Zipper,” which you can see here on my YouTube page along with all my other work including my newest project starring the amazing Mandahla Rose called “La Douleur Exquise” a story about two women trying to balance their high profile careers in the entertainment industry and love.

I will do very few updates about my personal work so feel free to find me on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

And please visit my catalogued link of projects you can help fund. There are so many women out there doing what they can to give you the content and films you want to see but it cost so much darn money…I’ll make my feature one day…sigh…in the meantime enjoy all the site has to offer.

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