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Sweeden sleeping girls

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Sweeden sleeping girls

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Djeneta R and her sister Ibadeta are motionless as they battle 'Resignation Sweeden sleeping girls. Getty Images. With drip-tubes the only thing keeping them alive, two sisters suffering the condition have been bed-bound for more than two years.

Children affected by the condition Babe sex Partille showing symptoms by withdrawing from social activities and speaking less, before finally closing off completely from the world around. Experts suggest the conscious part of their brain simply sleepinh down, forcing their parents to feed them through tubes and put them in nappies — although no children are believed to have ever died as Sweeden sleeping girls result of the condition.

Elizabeth Hultcrantz, a doctor who has treated those with the illness, Sweeden sleeping girls The New Yorker: They are like Snow White.

They just fall away from the world. Dr Elizabeth Hultcrantz is actively involved in studying the strange illness.

Most of the children were immigrants from former Soviet and Yugoslav states whose families hoped to forge a better life in Sweden.

Because of this, with no obvious medical cure, many psychologists believe Sweeden sleeping girls only the security of permanent residency can bring the children. Sweden has become home to many refugee children since the s.

Children making the journey to a new life have developed resignation syndrome when their families are denied applications to remain. After hearing the news, in Decemberthe year-old sunk into a deep depression, stopped speaking, refused to get out of bed and lost Sweeden sleeping girls in a week.

He stayed in a deep, apathetic state, limp, lifeless and silent, for five months until, in Maythe Swedish government granted the family permanent residency, at the insistence of the doctors treating. He later described those long, bed-bound months as feeling as if he was lying in Massage youngtown Sandviken fragile grls box, deep beneath Sweeden sleeping girls ocean.

Georgi believed that if he spoke or moved, the glass would shatter and water would flood in and drown.

The condition is still Sweeden sleeping girls fully understood — and some doctors are pushing back against the belief soeeping apathetic children should be left in their comas until the family is granted residency.

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In Sweeden sleeping girls to national outrage at the plight of these children, Sweden changed the rules to make sure no apathetic children are deported — securing the status of hundreds of refugee families in the process. But while children like Georgi have got their lives back, many more girrls as they are — lying prone somewhere in limbo, trapped by a condition nobody really understands.

This article was originally published in The Sun grils is republished with permission. Skip to: Log in No account? Sign up Log out news.

The Sun April 15, 7: Share on Facebook. The loophole in new weed laws.