Michelle Ehlen


you know her because of Heterosexual Jill and Butch Jamie

Michelle Ehlen is a graduate of The Los Angeles Film School where she studied writing and directing. With a focus on comedy, much of her work satirizes gender, sexuality, stereotypes, and identity. She produced, wrote, directed, and acted in four award-winning feature films — Butch Jamie, POP-U-larity!, Heterosexual Jill, and S&M Sally. Festival awards include Best Actress from the Outfest Film Festival and Best Feature from the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. She has also worked as a producer on several indie films including three features for the Eating Out series on LOGO, and the dramedy Eat With Me which premiered at the L.A. Film Festival. You can check out more about her work at www.balletdiesel.com


Twitter: S&M Sally , Heterosexual Jill


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