Marialy Rivas


you know her because of Young & Wild

She was admitted to study at the School of Cinema of Chile , but it withdrew from the third year. In 1996 she directed the short film has always won the Short Film Festival of Santiago , and reviewed by the journal Cahiers du Cinéma . Such a film would be transformed into a feature film with Sebastián Lelio , however the project was cut short because Rivas won a scholarship in New York . Finally, with Lelio made ​​the Smog short film, released in 2000.

In 2010 she directed Blokes, selected in the official competition of the Cannes Film Festival . She was later selected in over 50 festivals around the world, she won several of them as the Lleida Latin-American Film Festival and at festivals in Miami and San Francisco, California . Her first feature film, Young and Wild , was released on January 21, 2012 at the Sundance Film Festival , where it won the award for “Outstanding Writing for drama” (World Cinema Screenwriting Award, Drama). In May same year and he won the Directors Award Sundance Screenwriters Lab, allowing you to record her second feature, The Princess.




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