Madeleine Olnek


You know her because of Codependent Lesbian Space Aliens and Foxy Merkins

Madeleine Olnek is a New York City based playwright and filmmaker, currently working on her third feature film — the project for which she was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship — “Wild Nights With Emily,” a comedy/drama about Emily Dickinson. The project was also awarded NYSCA and Jerome Foundation funds.

Her second feature “The Foxy Merkins,” included screenings at Sundance 2014, BAM Cinemafest, Lincoln Center, and an NYC theatrical run at IFP. The film had its international premiere at the Moscow Film Festival.

Her debut feature “Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same” premiered at Sundance 2011. Its screening included MoMa, The Viennale and the Festival do Rio. Nominated for a Gotham award, it had theatrical runs in LA and NYC.

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