Lucia Puenzo


you know her because of The Fish Child

Puenzo began her career in the film industry as a screenwriter; her first work being The Whore and the Whale (2002)[3] She also wrote the screenplay for the film Through Your Eyes (2007), which was based on the short story “Cinismo”, by the Argentine writer Sergio Bizzio. Within the same year, Puenzo made her debut as a director with the film, XXY (2007).[3]

In much of her work, Puenzo focuses on childhood and adolescences. Most of these pieces feature either queer or intersex characters.[4] She frames these stories through the innocence of a child’s gaze. Through this practice, she attempts to resist heteronormative models of development.[4]

As a director, she is strongly influenced by silent films. Although her work features sound, she makes an effort to not solely rely on dialogue if a scene can be told with a look.[3]

On top of directing and screenwriting, Puenzo also has written several novels including El Niño Pez and Nueve Minutos. She creates films from many of her novels.[6]


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