Florencia Manovil


you know her because of Dyke Central the web serie

Florencia Manovil is a feminist filmmaker passionate about independent film, social justice, environmentalism, and queer identities.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Florencia moved to the U.S. at the age of 18 to pursue film studies, eventually settling in the San Francisco Bay Area after living in Boston and New York for several years. A translator and subtitler, writer, filmmaker and mother, Florencia is committed to bringing underrepresented communities to the screen, as well as showcasing Oakland and the Bay Area at large.

Fiona’s Script (2008), a film about a young bisexual woman finding her footing in life, was Florencia’s feature directorial debut. The film played at several national and international festivals. Development of her next feature was put on hold so that she could focus on Dyke Central, a “queer dramedy” episodic Florencia co-created. In 2011, she directed and produced the pilot episode, which went on to screen at several film festivals. In 2013 she resumed the production of Dyke Central, shooting 4 more episodes, all of which were selected for film festival screenings in 2014. That year she went to on complete production of 5 more episodes of the popular series.

Under Mynah Films, she also produced the pilot episode of Throw Like a Girl, a queer web comedy, and co-produced the pilot of Fairytale Fail, a comedy about the cutthroat behind-the-scenes world of theme park actors.

Florencia just completed the full first season of Dyke Central, and has two shorts (“Encuentro” and a children’s film) and two features (Leche and Star-Crossed) in development.

Dyke Central Website



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