Hanan Kattan (Producer, I Can’t Think Straight (2008))

Florencia Manovil (Producer, Dyke Central (2008))

11943-christinacdeab-kelsey  Christina Raia & Kelsey Rauber (Producer/writer Kelsey (2014)

Rory Gory (Producer, The Audience (2014)


Chloé Robichaud (Director, Sarah Prefers to Run (2013))

Christin Baker (Producer, I Hate Tommy Finch (2012))

Louise Wadley (Director, All About E (2015))

Crystal Chappell (Creator, Venice The Series (2009))


Angela Robinson (III) (Writer, D.E.B.S. (2004))


Alexandra Kondracke (Director, Girltrash All Night Long (2014))

Lucía Puenzo (Writer, The Fish Child (2009))

Julia Solomonoff (Director, The Last Summer of La Boyita (2009))

Marialy Rivas (Director, Young and Wild (2012))

Aurora Guerrero (Director, Mosquita y Mari (2012))

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