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Dagger Kiss-Your New Favorite Guilty Pleasure

Dinah14Friday08For those of you on the inside scoop of the internet’s most powerful lesbian content creators then you are quite familiar with the name Tucky Williams.

For those of you new to the medium, go through my blog and learn about the incredible women behind some of the best lesbian content out there.

Web content is the new frontier and Tucky Williams is one of a few who saw the opportunity early and has released some great shows.

I wrote of one of her shows in a previous article, which you can read here, called Girl/Girl scene. In the post I admitted I didn’t quite understand the episodes beyond one of the seasons which had a really interesting story line. Again read about it all in my previous blog.

Today I wanted to talk about Tucky’s most recent project



Dagger Kiss is one of very few in the fantasy, sci fi genre of lesbian web content. At this point the only shows in its genre I’m aware of are Carmilla and Last Life but Dagger Kiss is in a realm of its own. Pointing hqdefault toward parallel worlds with a focus on medieval curses which reminisce to me something more on a Xena meets Shakespeare level but with a twist of the main character being totally from another planet and finding herself on Earth.

She did a great job of integrating action, fantasy, love, and also comedy with the main character trying to navigate the differences to life on Earth from her home planet.

This is a guilty pleasure I couldn’t stop watching.

Arden, Tucky Willtuckyiams, travels to Earth after her lover dies due to a curse on Arden herself.

She meets a beautiful bad-ass named Katya who sports an all leather wardrobe and when they band together to fight the bad guys their growing feelings toward one another get complicated as Arden’s curse gets in the way of their budding romance.

This show boasts magic, love, past, present, other worlds, other planets, and a mystery which holds you in front of your preferred streaming device from beginning to end.

Tucky’s growth as an artist has soared with her newest endeavor and I’m looking forward to what’s next.

Expect a second season of Dagger Kiss coming soon!


See episodes on the official Dagger Kiss page


You can see Dagger Kiss on Tucky’s YouTube Channel



Your comments or questions on this post or the blog are much appreciated!

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