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Lesbian Film Essentials 2014

Every year lesbian filmmakers, lesbian stories become more and more prevalent. In my opinion the path of our stories took an amazing turn in 2011 and 2014 is the perfect example of a year of so many incredible films.

I’ll begin the journey of 2014 with the film of a very well known lesbian filmmaker with one of the most beautiful films I’ve seen.




Marina Rice Bader

Brilliantly crafted and mostly improvised this story is set on a film stage where we slowly come to realize the director, Kara (Bader) has to re-shoot a love scene with two actresses who had fallen in love during the film’s initial filming and have since broken up.


The film was all shot in one location yet the comings and goings of the characters from one room to the next creates a world which takes you in and makes you feel the safety of those blanket forts we all made as children, or maybe it was the amazing production design creating Zoe’s sanctuary which Kara created to allow a safe space amonA013_C010_0128QDg the internal drama she faces having to re-create an intimacy with her lover, Mel, who she hadn’t seen since Mel had walked out on her.

The style, the focus, the intimate lighting, space, allows us to know and understand the characters on a cellular level and offers a warm study of love; the beautiful parts, the not so beautiful parts, and finally an understanding which we should all strive.

She had chosen the most perfect title because this story is the anatomy of a love seen.


See Anatomy of a Love Seen on AMAZON and NETFLIX

Keep up to date with Marina Rice Bader and her newest films at Soul Kiss Films. Feel free to show your appreciation for her work by contributing to her ongoing projects.

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maxresdefaultThere are very few films in the world centered around bisexual characters and I want to write all about thoughts and feelings about the bisexual world with links to articles and opinions but this film really sums up my feelings about the topic; who cares what the label says? We all have dramatic, painful, often embarrassing journeys and in those low moments Desiree Akhavan is absolutely correct, what is appropriate when your heart has been extracted from your body and thrown into the garbage with your favorite sex toy?

appropriate3-main_0We begin this journey with Shirin packing up the remainder of her belongings from her exes apartment and we get to take this heartbreaking, yet hilarious, journey as she does whatever she can to try to get over her. This includes all the steps we often face denial, depression, trying to win her back, trying to make her jealous, coming to terms with the end, a threesome with a married couple… (?), an embarrassing date with a stranger, online dating, and finally contentment in moving forward.


desiree-akhavan-in-appropriate-behaviour-2This film changed the way I see comedy. This film changed the way I look at films. And most definitely, this film brilliantly classifies the path we all have to walk from the moment we enter a relationship to five steps beyond getting over it.

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Watch Appropriate Behavior on Amazon or HBO

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