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Oscar or Not Carol is a Winner

There is a lot of news out there about this next film I must talk about, even if it’s out of order from everything I’ve talked about up until now.



This film started as a book by Patricia Highsmith called the Price of Salt. Published in 1952 it was a book ahead of its time as a story about a young girl who falls for an older married woman.

If you’ve seen the film but haven’t read the book then click the link above and get the book. You’ll see many difference between the two but the one thing which stands is the commitment to telling a story about two people in love without the drama of which sex they are.caroltodd

Todd Haynes, director of such award favorites as Far From Heaven and Velvet Goldmine signed on to the project after Cate Blanchett was attached, he’d be out of his mind not to, and brought in incredible director of photography Ed Lachman to create this beautiful world dating back over fifty years.


The story, just as the book, is a fairly slow moving love story but what the film brings to the table is a feeling of sheer beauty. Every frame meticulously planned out. You mostly see the characters viewed from behind windows, in reflections. The color palette is yellow and green, an incredibly bold choice, and every single frame of this 16mm masterpiece looks like a photograph from the time period.

After you read the book you’ll realize that no one, and I say that with absolute conviction, no one else could have played the role of Carol more flawlessly and true to the character than Cate Blanchett.

carol_0She oozes with glamour and class. Has mastered the art of putting on a mask to show the audience when she is in hiding with tiny little moments where you can see a sparkle of who Carol really is on the inside.

Rooney Mara floats through the film, well sometimes fumbles, as the young woman trying to find herself while she moves toward Carol like metal to a magnet. You see that she is physically incapable of staying away from her.rooney-mara-carol-01-600x350

Sarah Paulson brings in an incredible and nuanced performance from the way she phrases her sentences down to the way she holds a cigarette.

And overall there is nothing about this film that I would want to change at all. It is perfection. It is the epitome of beauty and grace. It is what films of the past used to bring us and Todd Haynes delivered it to us in such a delicious package.

img_3454If you haven’t seen this film you need to somehow go get in the theater. See it before it’s out on dvd or vod. You must see this film as big as possible and listen to it as loudly as possible, these words of advice are of the utmost importance. There are lines of dialog I think on daily. There are imperfections portrayed with each character which has to hit home for everyone. This film is among very few which made me–feel.



Mandahla Rose at Outfest 2015

This article comes after a long break from blogging. From my previous article about the incomparable Mandahla Rose you’ve learned that I am a writer/director working to bring you a series starring Mandahla, Marie-Pier Gibeault about two women: one is a lighting director and one is a touring musician and they are trying their best to balance love and career. You see…they have to choose one but they want it all.


Marie-Pier Gibeault

If you are reading this you are probably already a fan of Mandahla and if you aren’t you need to go to Girl’s Own Pictures and buy yourself a dvd or go to Wolfe Video for vod of All About E. Mandahla stars as a celebrity dj on the run after finding a duffle bag full of money and finding herself on a road trip where she ends up taking refuge with an ex she’d never gotten over. Mandahla is incredible.

Film_Poster_1Watch All About E and go to the campaign site for my series La Douleur Exquise. See what I and the project are all about and help us get this project in front of you. We’ve already shot and completed the first episode. I’ll keep you up to date on where/when you can see it but until then you can watch the campaign video, donate if you can and share to everyone you know.



La Douleur Exquise indiegogo



E-mail: contact.ladouleurexquise@gmail.com

Your comments or questions on this post or the blog are much appreciated!

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