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Mandahla Rose “the Newest Lesbian Heartthrob”

EposterA few months ago I reviewed an incredible flick by the name of All About E which you’ll be able to purchase through Wolfe Video on December 1!

It is an Australian adventure where an emotionally complicated woman learns what’s important while running from a dangerous club owner who wants to punish her for accidentally stealing a duffelbag full of his cash.

Read my full review of All About E here on LezTalk.

As you know I am a huge supporter of the Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival called OUTFEST. By the way, Outfoutfestest is accepting submissions for its 2016 festival right now!

I attended all ten days and saw every lesbian feature I could, met the filmmakers, actors, took photos, and was generally inspired by the amount of talent we have in our community.

I was fortunate enough to have struck up conversations with the writer/director of All About E Louise Wadley.

And also with all her cast members including the lovely Mandahla Rose.allaboute

I had already been working on writing a new project of my own. Right now it is a web series but we are really hoping to be able to bump that up a notch to something bigger, funds allowing.

It is the story of two women in different, yet equally competitive careers in the entertainment industry and their battle to maintain their relationship while fighting their way to the top of their respective careers.

When writing the scArticle Lead - wide65679750133qwiimage.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.133qti.png1423125454536.jpg-620x349ript I’d already had Mandahla in mind. Just as a place holder. I knew I would not have access to someone of her caliber…and ya know…that whole she lives in Australia thing is inconvenient.

I spent the months of July and August blogging and writing every day, a much need hiatus from my busy schedule at work. And when I got to the final page of the script I just felt like, what the hell? Let’s ask her if she’d want to do it.

I was ecstatic when she accepted.

smallerOnceUponAZipperI am possibly one of the most fortunate people in the world. I have incredible friends/team and the Executive Producer at Carpe Vinum Productions, the force behind getting my short Once Upon A Zipper made, did what it took to get Mandahla a work visa to come and be apart of the project.

I have let the chronological list of lesbian content go a bit in the past months, due to long work days, an amazing trip to London to support the screening of Once Upon A Zipper in Festival, and tireless work to get Mandahla here.

I really hope those of you who read and enjoy my blog, where I will soon continue to talk about amazing lesbian content, also head on over to our social media accounts and follow our journey to production of La Douleur Exquise.




Also! Be sure to pick up this month’s Curve Magazine which features Mandahla and All About E.

Even more exciting, for those of you in the north east United States, please come out to the Kips Bay AMC December 2 at 7:00 PM to not only see a screening of All About E but as a group effort between myself and Louise and Jay we have gotten Mandahla out there to attend the screening and meet you. I will also be there in support so don’t hesitate to tap either of us on the shoulder and say hello.

Get tickets to see All About E in NYC Dec 2 at 7:00 PM HERE

I know you will go for Mandahla first I mean…look at her…shit…Curve is right, total lesbian heartthrob.

Mandahla will be here next month to shoot our first episode and we will have a lot of fun stuff to share with you while it’s happening!

Your comments or questions on this post or the blog are much appreciated!

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