3 Shorts, 3 Genres, All Brilliant

It is a hugely busy week. So I will re-blog this post of short films. I can hardly wait to write the post in my head about a new film I saw on Saturday. I’m doing the lighting for an incredible play by Jillian Leigh called Hooked.

Jillian is amazing. Cross your fingers it gets picked up for a longer run.

Read this great article about Hooked the Play My name is in there somewhere…

Also, in the spirit of wanting you to see all the shorts I’ve posted already before I move to more incredible work here are two more:

Ack, a whole room of lighting waits for me at work.


Les-Centric Guide

I just spent two days working in San Diego and with four hour breaks in between shows, I’ve watched A LOT of YouTube. Just when I thought I got to the end of lesbian content on YouTube I find a rabbit hole of new content.

So right now I want to share some shorts I really like.

OH! Before I forget! I read something incredibly exciting on Twitter. 

Outfest is offering a live stream of some of their films this year for those of you who can’t afford the small fortune to get to L.A. and buy tickets to the festival. Here is the article.


I’ve watched this one at least five or six times. It’s really beautiful and an amazing example of how sometimes male directors can overlook the gender of the characters to really hit…

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