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There’s Some Seriously Lesbian Stuff Going On In This Post

It is a hugely busy week so I just reblogged a short film post and here are some other shorts which are already on the site but you should definitely watch if you haven’t yet.

I can hardly wait to write the post in my head about a new film I saw on Saturday in Long Beach.


I’m doing the lighting design for an incredible play by Jillian Leigh called Hooked.

Jillian is amazing. Cross your fingers it gets picked up for a longer run.

Read this great article about Hooked the Play My name is in there somewhere…

Also, in the spirit of wanting you to see all the shorts I’ve posted already before I move to more incredible work here are two more:


Julia can currently be seen in a brand new lesbian movie, which is still on its festival circuit, coming soon to Adelaide, Australia, and Chicago, Illinois, called All About E by director Louise Wadley

info about Chicago showings here. If you have interest in the Australian listing contact me or Google…Google is really smart. I think it’s at the Feast Festival…

You know what. Since I’m posting this short of Julia’s I’ll also share something of All About E’s other star, E herself, Mandahla Rose.

She is in this amazing music video by the Valkyries.

It is absolutely incredible, you.must.watch.now.

Here’s the video. I must warn you there is nudity and gore.

Mandahla is the robed woman. If you become a fan, like I know you will, then going to Wolfe and signing up for that e-mail alert for All About E is a necessity. Such a great film.

Read my full review of All About E on LezTalk


This short is so heartbreaking. Such a tragic and beautiful story.

Lauren Fash has also produced an incredible documentary called Out And Around.

Go to its official site to see where/how you can see it.

Here’s the trailer.

Ack, a whole room of lighting waits for me at work.


Your comments or questions on this post or the blog are much appreciated!

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