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Every Lesbian’s Favorite Omnisexual (1990)

Les-Centric Guide

We are finally here, the 90s!

I will spend the next 500 years posting about this time in lesbian film history.

It really set the foundation for the genre and amongst some of the lesser known titles are some big Hollywood films. How exciting!

It’ll be great. It’ll be nostalgic.

It’ll be a little like awkwardly reading your middle school journal but hopefully it’ll bring to light some amazing suggestions.

If you haven’t seen some of the more widely known movies, this new knowledge will give you the power to go up to your favorite aunt, who is still a little unsure of how to feel about you being gay, and you get to say “Hey! You know those movies you love so much…? Yeah…open your eyes, they are gay. Very. Very. Gay.”

The first one probably won’t be on that list.


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2 thoughts on “Every Lesbian’s Favorite Omnisexual (1990)

    • Me too. I don’t have the full collection of them but volume 1 and 5 are my favorites that I’ve read. V5 she wrote while on drugs. It must have been nice waking up every day with no cares in the world, having the money and space to be introspective with no disruption.


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