Why Webseries Are More Important Than You Think, the Rolla Selbak Edition

Since I’m about on my way to work in San Diego I’ll reblog this article to keep with the theme of web series. Are you hooked on them yet?

Les-Centric Guide

I think I’ll take a break from this chronological list of lesbian features to share a web series.

I am always asked about my thoughts on the amount of lesbian  feature films which are released and if I think there are enough. Well the answer is no there aren’t enough but through the gaining popularity of short form web series and sites like Tello Films, Kitschmix Tv, PnT tv, Blip, and Indie Flix, lesbians and lesbian filmmakers have somewhere to go to let out their creative needs and tell some really great lesbian stories which are coming out in droves. There is so much lesbian content on these sites that even I feel overwhelmed by the amount of material I need to catch up on.

With that said: Today I think I’ll talk with you about the work of a filmmaker named Rolla Selbak.

In 2011 she made…

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