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Two Hot Brasilians Walk Into A Bar and Other Essential Lesbian Webseries

I’m going to let this post be the drum roll to the films of 2011. In my opinion 2011 is my favorite year in lesbian cinema so you’ll have to come back tomorrow to read about it.

What I really want to do today is take some more time to talk about web series.

I never understood web series. I don’t understand how filmmakers make money from them. I don’t understand the distribution aspect of it all but what I have learned recently is there is an amazing site which is a straight up database for lesbian shorts, features, and web series and it’s a great start to finding your new favorite shows. That site is KitschMix Tv

Along with Tello Films your brain could be busy for weeks, months, and years.

What I do understand now is that web series are an amazing way to get our stories out there. There are so many to choose from at this point and I have to say I love more than I dislike.

So far in my posts I’ve talked about numerous web series already. Let me see if I can remember them and I’ll link you to the post so you can delve further.

A- Cowgirl Up!

B- Girltrash!

Kiss Her I’m Famous


Grrls Guide to Filmmaking

Nikki & Nora

Be Here Nowish

Starting From…Now

Okay, these are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. Be sure to check my Webseries page for the real updated list.

Today I will talk about a few more webseries.


This show cracks me up. Kelsey is a super quirky single woman looking for love but her habit of talking and saying too much keeps girls at arms length.

This episode touches on something all lesbian go through but have never gotten time on screen. You have to watch it, seriously.

Kelsey is so real. I can see parts of myself in every episode and I find my stomach hurting  by the end of the 5-10 minutes from laughing so much.

There is an episode where she is super stressing out over the meaning of text message responses she is getting from a girl she’s been talking to. Her friends keep begging her to stop messaging the girl but she doesn’t. Oh my god, I thought I was the only one who has failed miserably at this. It was so refreshing to see it on screen because that means everyone struggles with thoughts of what one word texts without punctuation really really means.

Kelsey VOD


This show had its pilot, gosh, it had to have been two or three years ago? I had watched it and I can’t remember if it was online or at Outfest.

I had the privilege of picking the brain of its Associate Producer Dalila Ali Raja this year at an Outfest program geared only toward New Media Webseries and the forward movement of this show and webseries in general is a huge undertaking for all those involved.

Dyke Central is about a group of women in the Bay area being who they are, doing what they do and it focuses on a severely under represented group of queer identified women. And this show represents them so phenomenally and it keeps me laughing.

I haven’t watched the entire first season yet but once my summer vacation ends and I start back to work getting my regular checks I’ll be purchasing this as well as a ton of other titles I’m dying to see (and post about)

If you love this show then go to their support page and give a few dollars. This show is so amazing and so important.

Dyke Central VOD

Donate to Dyke Central


I just binge watched two seasons of this show yesterday.

It is out of Brasil and so great that I donated to their production.

The story is two actresses who are hired in a short film where their characters fall in love. One of the actresses is straight and married the other is a lesbian. Of course they end up falling in love off screen and have to guide their way through their feelings for one another to try and figure out what they want and what they should do.

I told you I’m really partial to this story line! Chalk it up to my most impressionable years of film watching being pre 2010.

This show is beautifully shot. The acting is top notch. It doesn’t hurt that the stars are incredibly incredibly attractive.

You can tell she’s the lesbian in the series. Yowza. Tattoos and Ray Bans. Tell tale signs.

I’m told by the co-creator Germana Belo, that this only happens to some people, but I had some issues with the subtitles lagging on my AppleTV. So be aware that it could happen but the show was so good that I didn’t even care.

Amazingly you can see this show free on Vimeo.

And if you love it as I loved it be sure to go to their IndieGoGo page and donate. They have exceeded what they’ve requested but still give. They can use every penny to make more episodes, pay their cast/crew better, or simply just give them a better meal on production days. I’m a writer/director myself the hardest thing is knowing what your cast/crew are worth but having a hard time showing it monetarily.

Red on Vimeo

Donate to Red

I recommend going to all these sites because you can see all that’s happening with the shows and their creators and if they need help for more seasons.

If you haven’t read all my posts then it’s a good time to tell you I am a huge nerd when it comes to getting all the support I can for these shows to keep going.

Through these series on the web we the audience have control over what we see. In this medium the filmmakers aren’t relying on traditional forms of monetary support and we are so important.

So give it if you got it.

It’s an exciting time for lesbian content and these titles are the trailblazers for new media on the web made by and for our community.

Your comments or questions on this post or the blog are much appreciated!

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