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Two 2009 Lesbian Titles Make You Question Life, Love, and The Possibility of “What If?”

2009 holds two films of which I have polar opposite feelings. One I’d bought on Amazon as one of my blind “let me buy all the lesbian titles I haven’t seen” days and the other…well…


Run Lola Run

So…in my imagination a couple of lesbians were sitting around like “I have the greatest idea in the world, let’s make Run Lola Run lesbian!”

If you haven’t seen Run Lola Run stop reading and watch it right now.  (Don’t watch the dubbed version)

Run Lola Run is arguably one of the greatest movies ever made. People imitate it and I am of the opinion that it really should be  left alone, seriously, let it be great your movie will pale in comparison.

So this is lesbian movie plot #3, explanation can be seen here.

We see Lola trying to get to a meeting and it shows how her life would be different if different aspects of the story went in different directions.

There is some serious lesbian star power in this one with Jill Bennett, who I have recently run into in a million different projects online.

I’ll try to remember which they were and link them and Cathy DuBuono.

Add it to your list. Be a good lesbian and watch it. If you love it shoot me a comment and tell me I’m crazy.

Oh yes, Jill Bennett is in a web series I was watching which also stars Maeve Quinlin of South of Nowhere called 3Way which can be seen with your Tello subscription

and can also be seen in an episode of the web series Kittens In A Cage.

There are more but these are the ones I’ve seen.

And Then Came Lola at Wolfe On Demand


This movie blew my freaking mind. Maybe because I didn’t know what it was and had no expectations. The best way to watch a movie is to not have any inkling of what it’s about…well…that’s the best way when the movie is really good at least.

If you are of the same opinion, don’t read this post. Scroll down, watch the movie then read it afterwards.

This one is totally nuts.

There are two women in a small Sicilian town. They are friends as children. One of them is very tomboyish, Angela, with a difficult homelife and the other is a more happy go lucky girlie girl, Sara.

You can tell Angela as a child tries to impress Sara. Sara ends up having to move away and Angela waits for her every day where her boat had sailed out and what do you know? One day when they are both grown, Sara comes back.

They start to spend time together and Angela knows she loves Sara but Sara doesn’t pay attention, or she doesn’t want to see, but eventually she realizes she is in love with Angela and all hell breaks loose.

Angela’s family is horrible and Angela realizes she has to decide to continue to be the woman she had been her whole life and live without Sara or give up her identity to be with her.

This is the craziest, most amazing film…a testament to how far you will go for love and how far a town will go to explain why something they don’t understand is a reality and the things they do to pretend a life of normalcy.

You have to see this film. You have to. After it ended I don’t think I spoke for hours and then I watched it again in total disbelief that someone had created a story as no one else has in the past and no one else has to this day.

In all reality if you stand back and look at the plot points it’s simply about a girl who falls in love, gets married, and starts a family, but this journey, ohhh, this journey is so so different.

In my opinion Donnatella Maiorca is a total genius. This just reminded me I meant to buy every single one of her films in response to how much I love this one.

Purple Sea VOD

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