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Is The Triangle The Strongest Form of Relationship? Two 2008 Movies Answers NO

2008 seems to be the calm before the lesbian movie storm. I just recently watched this first title. It blew my mind and I’m not sure it was a good thing.


The weirdest thing about this movie, and maybe it’s because I ran across it on one of my YouTube “let it play” binge days, is that it looks like it was shot in the 70s. The audio is strange, the video is super grainy.

This is a story of an American couple who moves to the isle of Lesbos. The wife’s name is Sappho and the longer they stay on the island the more she begins to turn into the legendary poet with the same name.

I’m sure you are familiar with Sappho. Here’s a link to her poetry.

Most of it was destroyed and her poems are pretty unreadable due to the fact that only bits and pieces remain. But she is a pretty prominent historical figure and of the first with written proof of a woman who loved women. She also loved a man so I can’t go as far to say lesbian but still pretty interesting stuff.

I can’t say I hated this film but I can’t be incredibly sure I liked it either. It really, really wants to be a good movie, it really does.

See it for yourself. It’s free in its entirety on YouTube. Just to warn you, for some reason the sound goes out during the sex scenes…it’s weird.

Sappho on YouTube

You know what. This reminds me I missed one from 1982.


This movie is ridiculous. Not really lesbian but bisexual.

As ridiculous as it is I really like it. It is about a married couple who vacation on a Greek Isle and they both fall in love with a woman on the island. Basically the same plotline as Sappho but this one features one of my favorite pre 9/11 endings which is [insert drumroll here] the running to the plane to catch your love before she leaves!

well aren’t they precious, hehe.

Just imagine that with two people running after her. Why am I  imagining them on a bicycle built for two?

This film gets definite honorable mention in my book.

Summer Lovers free on YouTube


All hail Shamim part 2!

Do you like how I don’t post the ones you want to read until the end?

So disgustingly cute.

Everyone knows this film. If you don’t love this film then you’re crazy. It is the autobiographical story of how Shamim and Hanan met and fell in love.

I really don’t feel like I need to go into great detail with this one. It is a lesbian classic.

Lesbians love sitting on benches with coffee.

Layla and Tala meet through Layla’s current boyfriend. They can’t help but fall in love but Tala is getting married to a man and Layla won’t be the woman on the side.

Coffee. Bench. Slacks. Lesbian.

This synopsis sounds so familiar…can’t…quite…put my finger on what ten movies it’s like…

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 11.43.39 AM

Coffee. Bench. Slacks. Lesbian.

I’m not hating.

I happen to love this story line in every film it is showcased in.

Shamim is amazing for getting these women to be in two back to  back films. They are so incredible together.

And with mention of this film we have concluded our tour on the Sheetal , Lisa Ray lesbian train.

I don’t believe there is anything lesbian left of Sheetal and Lisa…if I’m wrong let me know.


If you don’t follow Shamim on FB then you should. She always has special guests popping in for lunch. This photo will link you 🙂

I Can’t Think Straight is also a book and can be bought here.

I Can’t Think Straight VOD

I thought I’d end this post with a short film. I generally try to stick with a theme from post to post but 2008 is all over the place so you get to watch a short simply because I like it. Aren’t we lucky?!

Today I choose:


This is such a cute story about two adolescents in love. One is moving to a new town and this is their last day spent together.

It starts off in the future with a woman and a newspaper…I can’t quite put my finger on that part of the story…did someone die, get married? WHAT WAS IN THAT PAPER?! I would have preferred if they had skipped that part of it and just let it be the two girl’s last day.

The cinematography is beautiful.

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