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3 Lesbian Films in 2007 Every Self Respecting Lesbian Should Know

2007 was a great year for lesbians, the year of Shamim Sarif!


I am a huge fan of Shamim Sarif. Her and her wife Hanan Kattan are an incredible team who are still to this day making movies of books Shamim is publishing.

The World Unseen was first a book. Go here to learn more and it’ll link you to Amazon for purchase.

Most people do opposite of what I do. Most people read the book then see the movie. I think this is ridiculous.

If you read the book before seeing the movie then the movie never stacks up because the book can go so much further into the story.

Watch the movie then read the book. You won’t regret it.

So the World Unseen is about a family who has moved from India to South Africa during the Apartheid. It deals with racism, misogyny, and two very different women who fall in love under this climate.

It is beautifully shot. Beautifully written. At one time I’d watched this film on repeat. Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth have undeniable chemistry. There is nothing about this film I don’t like.

But definitely read the book too. The book goes further into the thought process of Sheetal’s character which really enhances how you feel about things that happen in the film.

Shamim and Hanan have a new movie coming out soon also based on a book by Shamim Sarif called Despite the Falling Snow.

Despite the Falling Snow book

Despite the Falling Snow FB

The World Unseen dvd at Enlightenment Productions

The World Unseen VOD directly at Wolfe


Oh another Jamie Babbit (more about Jamie Babbit in my previous post here) masterpiece with help from the Power Up Organization.

This film surrounds a feminist group of girl’s doing radical stunts to push forward their political agenda. They start off doing small things and it all gets bigger and bigger. And of course there is love.

I love this film.

Jamie Babbit is a well recognized television director and she had done a bunch of episodes of Popular, I’ll link you to Popular just in case you weren’t a teenager at the end of the 90s. If you have seen the show then you will be delighted to see a bunch of faces of actresses who starred in it.

This is a really fun movie.

Itty Bitty Titty Committee can be seen on Netflix


This title is definitely top 5 all time favorite films.

Headed by the amazing mind of Julie Taymor this musical tells the story of a group of friends through the medium of music by the Beatles. Julie Taymor has an incredible mind. She unfortunately is most known for the Broadway’s version of Spiderman going up in flames but when you watch this film you have to realize that this amount of brilliance comes at the small price of sanity. She is also behind Broadway’s the Lion King.

It is visually stunning. The singing is amazing. There’s a scene with five, yes I said five, five Salma Hayek’s in nurse’s outfits. You really don’t get much better than this film, really.

Watch all the Salma’s in this video, holy crap, dreams coming true.

The lesbian content comes from a character named Prudence and in one of the most powerful scenes in the movie she is singing “I Want To Hold Your Hand” to a cheerleader at her high school. I’m telling you, watch carefully during this scene. The cheerleader is flirting with one of the football players and she glances up at Prudence in the bleachers, you know they hooked up, you just know it.

Across the Universe VOD

See full list of featured content I’ve talked about here

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