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Are Frankie and Shane the Same Person? Plus A Movie I Hate to Hate and a Movie I Love to Love in 2006

This post comes to you a little late today! Or maybe it’s early depending on where you are in the world, but we have come a long way to get to 2006. I’m excited, are you excited? I’ll start with one I don’t love then move on to one I do.


This is the scene I’ve dubbed “I’m going to slam you into the wall bc I want to f^$# you. Oh wait, nevermind let me just give you a soft peck instead…”

I do not understand why people love this movie so much…I just don’t.

I saw this the first time and wanted my 76 minutes back then the next day I was like, “I couldn’t have disliked it that much let me try again,” then yep, still didn’t like it THEN a few months later I’m like, “maybe I had hormonal problems let me try again,” still didn’t like it and I kid you not I am still going through it to this day.

I keep watching it thinking “man people really like this movie, I am going to love it this time.”

So, let’s go further into this post with the thought that people flippin love this movie. If you haven’t seen it then chances are you will too.

This meme is proof that I’m crazy for disliking this film…

I don’t really know what my problem is…the acting is good, the story is aight, the production value is high.

I’m not a huge fan of the chemistry between the two actresses, which is weird because apparently the woman they had originally hired to play the teacher backed out at the last minute and the filmmakers ended up being ecstatic because they love the chemistry between the new teacher (Diana Gaidry) and Annabelle (Erin Kelly).

So I will just sum up this part of the post to, I must be nuts.

See the film, let me know how you feel about it…maybe I’m not crazy…but I have it on good authority that I am.

Loving Annabelle VOD through Wolfe On Demand

If you watch and end up loving Loving Annabelle then you might be interested in another project Katherine Brooks did.

I never saw it but it’s a documentary where, if I remember correctly, she goes all around the world to hug her Facebook friends…or it might have even been MySpace… You can see that documentary [Face2Face] at Wolfe On Demand here


This is like one of the cutest movies I’ve ever seen. I initially saw this a few years ago at the recommendation of a friend and thought it was good. I just watched it again about a month ago and this film is just super super cute.

With all the lesbian titles out today with bad language, incredibly erotic sex scene, this movie is so funny and tame. I’m not used to it and it makes me giggle.

This is like a legit old school style romantic comedy.

Left: Laura Fraser Right: Shelley Conn

This is a story about a girl who comes home for her father’s funeral and reunites with her family, of whom she’s in the closet to, and unexpectedly finds love while she tries to save her father’s restaurant from being sold to a competing company. It has food, fun, and Laura Fraser from another pretty popular lesbian title.

You can see Nina’s Heavenly Delights free on YouTube here.

Since we are talking about Laura Fraser I will add this next title.


It’s blond Shane…I mean…look it’s Frankie!

So….I was really entertained by this show….it is the Scottish version, or maybe it is correct to say British version…they are in Scotland but it’s a BBC title, anyway…BBC version of the L Word where Shane’s name is Frankie but I enjoyed every episode of its two seasons.

Laura Fraser and Shane. Dammit, I did it again. I mean Frankie.

It surrounds a group of friends in Scotland. I feel like I want to tell you more about it but I remember laughing, crying, scoffing, putting my fists in the air and asking “whyyyyyyy??”

I joke about its similarities to the L Word but I really do enjoy this show.

At the time I’d seen it, it was on Netflix but now it seems like it is really hard to come by.

You can buy the REGION 2 dvd set which will play on your computer but not in your dvd player…which…to me doesn’t seem like a problem…just plug your computer into your tv. See what I’m talking about with this whole question about dvds? I don’t get them anymore. Just move us all into digital with our Amazon playlists, keep everything in a personal digital catalog, get rid of this headache of regions and countries. ::stepping off my soap box:: if I find any easier way to get this I’ll update the “Features” section.

Lip Service on Hulu

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