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Why Webseries Are More Important Than You Think, the Rolla Selbak Edition

I think I’ll take a break from this chronological list of lesbian features to share a web series.

I am always asked about my thoughts on the amount of lesbian  feature films which are released and if I think there are enough. Well the answer is no there aren’t enough but through the gaining popularity of short form web series and sites like Tello Films, Kitschmix Tv, PnT tv, Blip, and Indie Flix, lesbians and lesbian filmmakers have somewhere to go to let out their creative needs and tell some really great lesbian stories which are coming out in droves. There is so much lesbian content on these sites that even I feel overwhelmed by the amount of material I need to catch up on.

With that said: Today I think I’ll talk with you about the work of a filmmaker named Rolla Selbak.

In 2011 she made a feature


This movie follows the stories of three middle eastern women who defy their culture.

Truth be told I just wrote that synopsis with imdb in front of me.

I saw this film and can tell you what happens but I don’t think I ever put into words what it truly meant.

It’s a good flick. I don’t want to go to into it too much with you. You should see it for yourself.

One of the three characters is a lesbian and her story is something many of us go through, and it sucks. She’s in love with her straight friend who takes advantage. But that straight friend is Sheetal Sheth so hey, what would you do?

Rolla did an excellent job tying all these stories together to make a really beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking film.

I know, you think I lied to you about the whole web series thing.

“You said you’d talk about a great web series and you go and tell me about a feature” well, I’m willing to bet you haven’t seen Three Veils and hopefully that will change now but here is the next project from Rolla Selbak.

Three Veils VOD

Kiss Her I’m Famous (web series 2013) dir. Rolla Selbak starring Tracy Ryerson, Ilea Matthews

This everyone is the absolute first web series I had ever watched and it changed my creative life forever.

Actually, me watching this didn’t happen by chance. I work with an amazing DP/director/gaffer/grip (I think he does everything) at one of my jobs.

One day we were talking about lesbian movies, the straight guys in my very male dominated industry always learn quite a bit from me, and Scoops (that’s what we call him) was like, “you should meet my friend Rolla. I just worked on this web series with her.”

Of course I’d known who she is but this art form you speak of…what is it called…? Web series? Like…fan videos? Oh…web series…like tv on the web?

Guys, some backstory. I’m not old but I’m not that young. I was an adult when YouTube was invented and at that time if you wanted to see lesbian content you’d get one of two things out of your search

A-soft core porn

This is what porn looked like before the home computer.

B-Xena fan videos (oh crap, this reminds me I should probably talk about Xena in one of my posts)

I out Xena to people all the time…so weird…I mean Idgie is one thing, it’s not talked about but Xena and Gabrielle just friends? Please…

So I’d forgotten all about YouTube. I mean…I like cats but to watch their videos all day long like my friends? but Scoops let me in on this little lesbian secret. TV made for us by us. I had to do it so I watched Kiss Her I’m Famous and I was done. A few months later I’m torturing myself writing a web series of my own.

ANYWAY, Kiss Her I’m Famous

Tracy Ryerson

As you probably noticed it is starring Tracy Ryerson, who I believe, but don’t quote me on this because I only watched one episode, was on The Real L Word.

I never understood that show…I’ve gone to bars…those characters are everywhere and never interesting.

I don’t know, I guess the show was popular…I’m not a fan of the club scene…which is funny because I worked at one of the most famous clubs in West Hollywood for a while.

You know on the L Word the club with Donna Denbo and her girlfriend Cindy? Yeah, I worked at that one.

The woman that character was modeled after is long gone from ownership of the club, however I believe she does a once a month lesbian event…

The club is now called The Robertson. Every Friday night is a great lesbian night called Fantasy Friday. The DJs are top notch, the gogos are smokin hot; three rooms, three different types of music.

If you live in L.A. you should go check it out, especially now that Truck Stop is officially closed for business. If you like the club scene this place is key.

If you like DJs check these pages and get out to wherever they are: Goodboy, Von Kiss, Footy, 2Lips, Vanessa Michaels. I’m sure I’m forgetting some. I met and set up a  lot of DJs in that time…

Man, I can’t seem to keep on topic today. Kiss Her I’m Famous is a story about two best friends in L.A. who want to be famous and decide it’d be a really great idea to make a sex tape together. One of them is straight the other is gay.

It’s a fun comedy and I totally recommend binge watching it. Ilea Matthews is hilarious and there is nothing about this series that isn’t great.

Ilea Matthews.

Also be sure to spot a dude with red hair walking through two shots throughout the show. That’s my friend Scoops.

Here’s the first episode of Kiss Her I’m Famous

Here is a YouTube Playlist for the first season.

Rolla has one more web series she has been doing called A Grrl’s Guide to Filmmaking where she interviews industry people to try and educate whoever wants to learn about how to make movies. I haven’t really gotten into this one. I know how to make them, the trouble I have with making movies is you need a lot of money to get them going. After the money comes everyone and their mom does everything they can to make it great. It’s the money that’s the bitch.

Here’s a link to Tello if you have interest in A Grrls Guide to Filmmaking

Man I need to catch up with all the stuff they have on Tello…

If you get hooked on Web Series like I am, be sure to go to Tello Films and pay for a subscription for new content. It is totally worth it and it supports us lesbian filmmakers.

If I’m the first person to tell you about Tello chances are your lesbian friends don’t know about it either. Definitely share this post and share the knowledge about this great site full of all the lesbian content you could ever hope for.

See full list of featured movies and television content here

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