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2 films which aren’t considered gay and one that takes a stand and says “yes!”

Oh boy 2005 was a big year for both Hollywood and lesbian Hollywood. I’m sure you know what’s coming so I will start this post talking about Hollywood mainstream.

As promised I will add a movie you have probably been screaming to the universe “how could she miss it?!” Well rest assured; get to the second film and I will make you very happy.


This film definitely top 10 favorite films of all time. It’s an alternate universe where Germany won WWII and the plot of a vigilante to overthrow the government.

I had an interesting time talking about this film with a friend of mine who is a straight man. When I talked of the lesbian content he looked at me slightly confused. I guess if you are watching this film as a non lesbian you see other aspects of the story but when I was watching it all I saw was a man whose fuel to overthrow the government was his only friend in the camp and she was a lesbian. He kept her letters, he bought film posters, I mean, I might not classify this in the lesbian genre but there is no denying that the presence of this character kept him believing in his cause.

I don’t know about you but I saw this one in the theater and when it boiled down to that part of the film I felt a weight, a suffocation because of not only what could have happened if this world had become a reality but what did happen to so many gay people back in World War II.  For those of you don’t know me personally, I put a lot of research into this topic.

If you have interest the book Days Of Masquerade is great.

Also, the story behind Aimee & Jaguar (I’ll link you to my post about that film which links to supplemental reading material)

Lesbianism, at that time, didn’t exist on paper like it did for gay men, so many women were not overtly taken for being a lesbian but lesbians were being taken for that reason under the guise of different excuses; including Felice Schragenheim who was taken for “riding a bicycle.”

Anyway, this film is incredible and an absolute must-see.

V For Vendetta VOD


Phew! Don’t you feel better now? Here it is: Bound.

After seeing V For Vendetta the thoughts of “why do the Wachowski brothers keep making movies about lesbians?” When Lana Wachowski came out of the closet and the Wachowski brothers simply became “the Wachowskis” oh it made so much sense! Thank you Lana Wachowski for being one of the most awesome lesbians there is.

I know you’re probably watching this but definitely check out Sense 8 on Netflix.

Anyway! Bound. A handywoman starts an affair with a mobster’s wife. They hatch a plan to steal his money and run away together.

I really don’t think I need to go into detail about this one. It’s great.

Hooray for the Wachowskis!

Bound is on Netflix

Alright alright. I know what we’ve all been waiting for


I think this film is definitely a milestone of the genre. We’ve had some great films up until this point but none of which are as known and as loved as this one.

In the days before the Lanisters there was Luce. A character I don’t want to punch in the face every time she appears on screen; Lena Headey, if you ever read this then that is the ultimate compliment.

This falls under lesbian film type #1 (here is where I describe the three types of lesbian movies pre 2013)

Truth be told, Edie is my favorite character.

This is such a cute romantic comedy which just makes ya feel good.

Ol Parker, a man, wanted to write the love story about him and his wife falling in love and while writing he decided to write himself as a girl called Rachel. I always find that a funny story.

Fun fact about the making of this movie. Piper Perabo and Lena Headey were on set of another movie they were in together, which they apparently deny (it’s called The Cave and it is in fact one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, I left a VOD link just in case you are a glutton for punishment) and Piper was reading the script for this film.

Apparently her and Lena had become friends and she sold Lena to audition for the part by saying “you should be in this movie with me and then we can make out!” Ol Parker is a lucky lucky man. Please excuse me as I light a few candles that something like that happens when I’m casting my feature.

Here’s a fun YouTube with that story. If you are a fan of this film and these actresses then this interview is a must-watch.

This is actually one of the few lesbian films I’ve watched with my mother. I tell this story so often but it makes me laugh all the time.

After the movie is over I look at my mom like “how did you like it?” and her response was classic “of course she chooses Luce, all Heck wants to do is make jam!” It was an incredibly simple, and true, way to describe the film. Good ole jam making Heck vs someone who rocks your world. Go mom!

Imagine Me & You VOD

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