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What Do A Sociopath and a Turkey Baster Have in Common?

I hope everyone enjoyed watching Starting From Now.

Check my post on Starting From Now here.

The past months I have become increasingly more and more a fan of web series. It’s an incredible art form on a small budget and I’ll be sharing more as time goes on.


My emotions are all over the place with this one. It is visually incredibly interesting.

Patricia Rozema created one of the characters as a circus performer and that really opens the film up to some incredible effects.

However…in my mind…well…not so much in my mind since every time I watch this I seem to yell at the television: Petra is a flippin sociopath!

I’m sorry. I love her. She’s smokin hot. She is a sociopath. In reality if she acted the way she did it would end in murder or a restraining order.

But this all goes toward the Dobler vs Dahmer theory.

This is something in an episode of How I Met Your Mother. I’ll let Ted explain:

My point is, Petra is incredibly lucky Camille likes her and is as batshit crazy as she is otherwise she’d be in jail for the stunts she pulled.

But guys, the movie is super sweet and romantic.

You can either get the dvd here or

Here is a link through One More Lesbian where you can stream it.

I need to warn you if you haven’t seen this film…it begins with the main character’s dog dying.

I’m surprised the lesbian community didn’t picket this film for that detail. Reminds me of a scene from All About E involving the drugging of the dog…there were gasps in the crowd at Outfest.

You’ll have to buy that one when it comes out to see how it ends and you can find that link in my Featured Film and Television Section


This film falls under the “lesbian plotline #1” (see my post on the three types of lesbian movies pre 2013 here)

A woman wants to start a family, her boyfriend is unsure of the commitment, she meets a woman who rocks her world…and…they kind of take a few very serious matters into their own hands….

I knew I remembered a boat!

I think the last time I saw this film was in 2004. It’s not available for VOD. I remember finding it interesting and charming. I don’t know why but I remember the end has a boat…

If you still watch dvds you can get a copy used here.

Or here is a link if you have Netflix dvd service


I’m sure this is already on your top favorites list.

I love this film. It is so cute.

A lesbian doctor meets a beautiful woman at the vending machine at the hospital. They fall in love but the lesbian doctor is not out of the closet. She is Chinese-American and her mother has very traditional ideas about her life; trying to set her up with eligible men.

Eventually she has to come out of the closet and, in a way, so does her mother. Then in the end the relationship between the two women is treated the same as if she were with a man, with overbearing discomfort of societal norms; it’s funny, I love it.

Saving Face VOD

This just reminded me of something really amazing that I never looked into.

A web series starring these two women and Sheetal Sheth.

Ohhh you know Sheetal, co star of some really incredible lesbian movies that I will get to in the future. I just want to put out there that the first time I heard Sheetal’s real American voice I was kind of shocked. She does a great British accent in those films come to find out she’s from Jersey.

Their webseries called Nice Girl’s Crew.

Here is a link to the web series. I’m currently watching it for myself so I have no opinions yet.

Also fun fact, you live in L.A. Lynn Chen has a great blog called “The Actor’s Diet.” I follow it on Twitter. She’s always posting incredible food mostly from restaurants around L.A. but she does go other places too.

Anyway, three iconic lesbian stars, one web series. I should put out there that I’m pretty sure it’s not gay but still worth the watch. Did I tell you yet how much I love web series?

Okay, the second episode is making me laugh. “I am not cut out for God Mother-dome”

So it was brought to my attention that I forgot a very important film! If you notice that I’m going through time and I’ve missed something, please tell me! I’d love to add it.

See full list of featured movies and television content here

Your comments or questions on this post or the blog are much appreciated!

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