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All Hail Queen Angela Robinson and Hot Girls In Short Skirts-2003

Today is going to be easy and fun! I’m sure you’ve all seen these films but who doesn’t like to talk and think about such a classic as


Oh Angela, Angela, Angela. My hero Angela. What have we all noticed from the past blogs about all the films up to this point. DRAMA. The lesbian genre is so addicted to drama D.E.B.S (aside from Jamie Babbit films) is such a breath of fresh air.

Notice Melissa Etheridges’ wife…are they still married?

This project actually started as a short film produced by the organization Power Up who has brought us some seriously great, hilarious comedies. I’ve linked you to their site so you can praise them for such classics that I will talk about more when it’s time. Hint, if you go to the site the first face you will see is Jamie Babbit’s.

Here is the short:

Megan Goode. Big gun.

Hot girls in short skirts with big guns. Holy crap. Thank you Angela Robinson. Megan Goode is like a young hot Sarah Connor.

This uber Hollywood glam lesbian comedy, which also features Holland Taylor (see my previous post talking about Holland Taylor here) is a definite must watch, must own. It’s perfect after a bad day, it’s perfect after a good day, it’s pretty much a perfect watch all the time.

Anyone else notice that Lucy Diamond’s super technical security system dismantling gadget is an old school T-Mobile Sidekick phone? Yeah…I used to have one of those. The dark ages just before the smart phone. Anyone else realize that there are a lot of women named “Lucy” in lesbian movies?

This makes me think that my inspiration for “Murder Boner” isn’t all that far fetched…

There is that lesbian forehead touch again. HERE is where I first talk about the lesbian forehead touch.

Let me take a moment to sit back and remember all the great things about the movie. I guess my only complaint is the sex scene. I guess they convinced Angela Robinson to keep it PG and she put the real scene in the special features which…wasn’t even all that bad. I think Jordana Brewster was pretty strict over what she would do and wouldn’t do. Love her in the film, annoyed by her in the commentary. I mean, I don’t need anything to be super hard core but I think it’s pretty important to believe the two main characters actually want to have sex with one another.



Here’s a total bipolar switch. Monster. This movie is the incredible true story of Central Florida prostitute Aileen Wournos and one of the first films to feature Charlize Theron’s brilliant character actor skills. She’s so great when she’s a totally off the wall character.

I lived such a glamorous childhood…

This movie holds a special place in my heart because it is set in my hometown of Orlando, Florida.

Aileen is obsessed with Fun World. Welcome to Florida where on weekends you go to a place called “The Flea Market” and when your kids get antsy you put them on some stupid little carnival rides. This place is kind of like The Grove here in Los Angeles except…minus the fine dining and glamour, we’ll call it the backwater Grove.

However…this production company didn’t shoot at Fun World they shot at Fun Spot, which is totally different….they also shot at the Semoran Skateway where I spent many hours as a kid, located right off 436 behind the Hooters.

Back to the film! Aileen Wournos went through some insane stuff in her time. I was too young to have any knowledge of her existence before this film and even though she was a heinous murderer, through this film you can’t help but feel like she was a tad justified…

Unfortunately being a serial killer in Florida leads to a fairly quick and direct beeline to the death penalty which has a great chance of being a closer reality than most other states who still have the death penalty.

This film is intense but a must see for any mature audience.

Monster VOD (free with Prime)

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