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2 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Lesbian Film Knowledge. 2003 p1

I knew I was forgetting one. I will start with one I overlooked for 2001 and then break 2003 into two posts.


This is another story about a married woman falling for another woman. The husband gets mad. The married woman leaves him in the end.

Umm…the trailer is ridiculous, I’m not even going to tempt you to sit through it…

She wants to be a dancer, except she’s not very good. She falls for a friend of a friend who is a dance instructor.

I actually really enjoy this film. It is a quiet, simple, small picture story which is done well. It was one of my favorite love scenes because this director decided to leave it void of music. All you hear is the sounds of wind chimes. You watch so many movies with so many love scenes and you often forget that you usually don’t have crescendo-ing music playing in the background.

Raffaela Anderson

I’m also quite taken back by Raffaela Anderson.

Her performance is so nuanced and graceful. She’s not in many narrative fictions.

Raffaela Anderson is, in reality [a lesbian, go team] and a former French porn star.

She ended up legitimately getting raped and her story gained an audience because she wasn’t taken seriously due to her career choice. She wrote a book about it called Hard. I’ll link you to the Kindle edition but the only available copies they have are in French.

I’ve never read it but the last time I searched for it Kindle wasn’t a big thing. I will send myself a sample and see if I can get my iPad to translate it.

Oh my God, if that’s a thing then my life will have gotten so much richer.

You can kind of see how she is radically shorter than the lead actress.

It’s a good flick. My only complaint is that the two leads are a terrible height match. Raffaela Anderson is so much shorter than Helene Fillieres it’s sometimes distracting. But if that’s my only complaint then you should probably see the film.

Amour De Femme (dvd only)

Or you can watch it in parts on YouTube here

There are some really obvious, very popular lesbian movies made in 2003. So I am going to start with the less obvious one and make tomorrow’s post jam packed full of stuff I’m sure you love.


I saw this movie so long ago. I watched the trailer and felt like I was watching it in de ja vu form but I will do what I can to do the movie justice even if I can’t remember many details about it.

I do remember liking the movie. I do remember I didn’t get all fluttery inside, which means it may not have as much lesbian content in it as it seems. I could be wrong. This film is really important because it was a romantic comedy which didn’t deal with the perils of lesbianism. Just had lesbian characters, which is great. It’s an ensemble piece that deals with life on the dating scene.

I’m looking for digital version of it which I can’t find, if I do I will 1-watch it again and probably update this post and 2-link it.

For now, here’s the link to grab the dvd¬†

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