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The Birth of a Lesbian Icon, Films of 2001

Let’s just get right into the meat of 2001. I’m not even going to intro this one because we’ve all seen it.


The lighting in this scene…holy crap.

This movie has had such a huge impact on my life.

Based on the book The Wives of Bath by Susan Swan, this is a story about two high school students in love, one can’t come out of the closet, and the other goes crazy.

The first time I watched this film I thought it okay at best.

Over the course of the 14 years since it first came out, I have watched it obsessively on and off. It’s definitely one of those comfort movies. I know..strange choice for comfort.

When you really pay attention to the details this film is so beautiful with such nuances in the lighting (that’s the first thing I notice being a lighting person by trade), the writing, and the acting.

Lea Pool did a phenomenal job and she brought us one of the biggest lesbian icons, Piper Perabo. I think she even ended up releasing this after Coyote Ugly went into theaters; which, if she did it on purpose was such a smart decision.

Oh god…this scene…the total mental breakdown of Tori is the only reason you still like her.

Now that we are all thinking about poor Paulie let’s divert our attention to this scene from Coyote Ugly, you know…just to make us all feel better. If you watch the uncensored version and really use your imagination, the guy they cast as Piper’s boyfriend really kind of looks like a girl in the love scene. As far as I’m concerned, Coyote Ugly was made for us lesbos.

Back to Lost & Delirious. Try reading the book. If you think Paulie is crazy in the movie you will not believe what she does in the book. It is a totally different experience. Tori is only in about two pages and the story is more about Mouse falling for Paulie in this crazy way, kind of similar to Heavenly Creatures actually. If you are looking for more explanation into Tori like I was, then the book will leave you dissatisfied. Tori’s entire character was almost totally fabricated by the writer of the film, thank you Judith Thompson. But if you are a fan of the movie then the book is a must read, just so you sound smart at lesbian parties.

Lea Pool did a wonderful job pulling this story together with such cinematic grace. I tried doing a steadicam shot like the one at the party at the end of the movie, it’s pretty near impossible.

Here’s the scene:

I still to this day get super sad at the end. Damn…I need to watch this again very soon.

Lost and Delirious VOD

Coyote Ugly VOD


This movie is nuts. Very David Lynch. You have know idea what the hell is going on the entire movie and it took me quite a bit of thought after the film to understand what the hell I’d just seen. Actually the answer is pretty simple, but if you haven’t seen it then I’m not going to tell you.

First viewing there are mysteries, pretty girls in love, 60s music, Hollywood, a smoking cowboy, nightmares, dreams, silencio! Ann Miller (!) love her in Easter Parade… Everytime I drive down Mullholland I think of this film [whispering “Mullholland Drive”] and I am totally okay with that. It’s really well done. Incredibly interesting.

Ann Miller, Easter Parade. No slacks/

I also loved Laura Harring on Sunset Beach. Can’t wait to talk about more soaps with you. It’ll be soap-tastic.

Mullholland Drive VOD

And I will finish 2001 in one post. I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen this next film and you choose whether or not you want to watch it.


If you haven’t noticed from the names of these people this is an Italian film. It’s….quite odd…definitely lesbian. A thriller type movie which takes a strange turn after one of the character’s mother can’t accept her daughter’s sexuality.

There is no trailer BUT you can see it free on Amazon Prime.

I am not going to say this was anywhere near my top favorite films but if you are thirsting for something gay you haven’t seen, I’m willing to bet this is one answer.

Gasoline VOD

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