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3 Lesbian Titles in 1999 Which May Cause Severe Excitement, Proceed With Caution

First off to keep you up to date: All girl Friday at Outfest. We had Jamie Babbit, Natasha Lyonne, Clea Duvall, Aubrey Plaza. It was a great night for lesbian projects. Man Aubrey Plaza plays a great lesbian.

Jamie Babbit’s Addicted to Frenso. You gotta see it.

Aubrey Plaza has a brilliant monologue which made the entire theater uproar into applause, jus sayin.

In honor of Outfest All Girl Friday and Aubrey Plaza becoming one of my favorite stars to play gay here is an amazing short film from a few years ago.

This was obviously made before our drought became debilitating. But maybe not, people in some of those houses won’t let their grass go brown. [California problems]

Alright! Now that you are all hot and bothered watching Marisa Tomei [end of sentence] I have two more films in 1999.


This movie is nuts. And brilliant. But nuts nonetheless.

A man finds a tiny door at his office which is a direct tunnel into John Malkovich’s brain but only for a certain amount of time before they end up falling out of the tunnel and onto the New Jersey turnpike.

Because he’s in love with a woman who finds him repulsive, he takes over John Malkovich and she falls in love with him as John Malkovich but unbenknownst to her at some point Cameron Diaz becomes John Malkovich and she falls more in love with Cameron Diaz as John Malkovich then settles down with Cameron Diaz as Cameron Diaz. 

There’s more to it, there’s puppets, and portals, old people, the fountain of youth.

You just need to watch it, seriously. You have no choice on this one.

There is not and will never be a movie like this one. If it’s not on your top 10 then I don’t even know what to do with you.

Being John Malkovich VOD


This title is based on a book by Erica Fisher called Aimee and Jaguar a Love Story Berlin 1943.

They don’t have the Kindle edition so you’ll have to read it old school. It’s kind of a dry read with a lot of facts and information but I found it incredibly interesting.

Maria Schrader

This movie, please note I’m specifying movie, this fictional fictional movie is about a young Jewish woman who falls for the wife of a Nazi soldier. She hides at her place for a while then gets caught and how the love story lives on and on.

Lily Wust

Now….you read about this topic on American websites and this is the story that persists. I don’t know if it’s because these people are only watching the movie and reading the bits of the book which corroborate the film or if it’s because all the other works are not published in English but this movie tells the story from Lily Wust (the Nazi soldier’s wife’s) perspective, even though it tries to tell you it’s from the perspective of Felice Schragenheim but it’s not and it does this for good reason. In 1999 Felice Schragenheim had been dead for 56 years and Lily Wust was still alive and in her 80s.

Felice Schragenheim

I’m going to tell you an abridged version of my opinion and reasons behind them. I think Lily Wust is full of shit. I’ve read all the materials I can understand. I’ve had some materials translated, I’ve been to the Jewish museum in Berlin and have seen Felice’s journals and letters, I’ve seen the interviews Lily did, but I think she is full of shit and Max Farberboch wrote a very nice, marketable story that, to me, doesn’t feel right even when you haven’t done the amount of research I have done.

And that is all I’m going to say about the topic.

Maria Schrader is a phenomenal talent and Juliane Kohler portrays Lily exactly. What amazing talents.

It’s a beautiful movie. It really is.

It looks like there is no VOD for Aimee & Jaguar. You can get a copy of the dvd here. But I do see it cycling in and out of Netflix all the time.

I’m going to add one more thing which I’ve realized I have missed.


I realized I overlooked this yesterday when I mentioned Melanie Lynskey in my post about But I’m A Cheerleader.

This is a really great, messed up flick about two girls who go crazy together, fall in some kind of fairy tale love then murder the mother of one of them.

The craziest part is that this is a true story and the real women are not allowed by law to live in the same country as the other. I haven’t put as much research into this one as I should but this movie is really crazy and good.

I haven’t read this but here is a book about the case.

You can watch Heavenly Creatures on Netflix.

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