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1999, Arguably the Gayest Year in Cinema with These Titles

There are a ton of notable lesbian films released in 1999. I’ll have to span it over a few posts or this one will be a million miles long.


This movie. Oh boy this movie. I can’t remember if I truly loved this movie or I just watched it because it was so so gay in a very charming way.

Umm…I could only find the trailer in German…you’ll get the idea.

This one is simply about two women in love and the task of coming out to one of their mothers.

The forehead touch is also something lesbians really like to do.

It has body painting, shower sex, drag queens, vibrators, an artist character with a big van, they probably even talk about going to Barcelona I can’t remember…

I don’t think I’ve told you this before but something I’ve learned while watching the amount of lesbian content I do, lesbians in lesbian movies love Barcelona.

Exhibit A:

Art school in Barcelona.

Exhibit B:

Disappears to find some peace in Barcelona.

Exhibit C:

Has a poster of Barcelona in her kitchen.

So as you can tell Better Than Chocolate has everything you could ever hope for in a lesbian flick from the 90s.

Better Than Chocolate can be found on Netflix.

Christina Cox has gone on to do another lesbian title


This project started years ago. It was actually pitched as a network television series and was almost picked up but then dropped in one of the final stages of decision making. Kind of amazing.

It’s hard to see but this is definitely one of my fondest “first days of YouTube” memories.

I don’t remember when exactly it was but it must have been near 2003, which is a pretty incredible feat! Especially when the pilot episode involved these two ladies and a bath tub.

Yeah…definitely went through a serious celeb crush phase with both these ladies when I was younger.

Liz Vassey from that Joey  Lawrence show, I swear that character had to have been gay in the subtext.

Uh huh, fixing cars and riding motorcycles, might as well just call you Tori (see my post about Tori here)

But anyway, I’m really glad the project didn’t die so be sure to sign up for Tello and show your support to these women who have been adding to our gay entertainment for many years.

You can see Nikki and Nora at Tello Films

The first two episodes are free and after that you need to subscribe. It’s so worth it.

This site is incredible for new, good, web content.


And we are finally here! This is one of my all time favorite movies across the genre spectrum. Jamie Babbit is so awesome.

She has a lot of films coming up and I love them all. I’m actually going to see her newest flick Addicted to Fresno at Outfest tomorrow night.

How amazing. A teenager’s parents send her to gay conversion camp because they think she’s gay, but she doesn’t think she’s gay, and it’s at camp where she…realizes she’s gay and falls in love with another camper.

Everything about this film is hilarious and brilliant!

We’ve got Rupaul in drag…as a dude! Wearing a t-shirt that says “straight is great.” Eddie Cibrian, Melanie Lynskey, Cathy Moriarty, Mink Stole, Rufio, a guest appearance by Julie Delpy. If you haven’t seen this one, which is a very minute chance, stop reading right now and watch it.

Oh Clea.

This film is so charming and the nuances in the acting is something I see at every viewing. Clea DuVall was my first female celebrity crush. I’m sure she was the first celebrity crush of many many lesbians. And this film will always hold a special place in my heart.

Jamie Babbit and Andrea Sperling. Together they have done so much for the genre.

But I’m A Cheerleader VOD

Which brings me to another gem of Jamie Babbit’s from 1999.

Jamie Babbit did this amazing short film. I am constantly surprised how many people have not seen this.

It is a crazy, fairy tale story with an all star cast of Clea DuVall, Leisha Hailey, Radha Mitchell, and Rose McGowan as the corpse.

I can’t even…here…just watch it. It is so good.


I love Jamie Babbit for the many many contributions she’s made to the genre.

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