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Sex, Drugs, Angelina Jolie, in 1998 and A Cute Romantic Short

Alright, this post might read a little sleepy. It is day 7/11 of the Outfest Film Festival. I’ve been there every day volunteering and seeing amazing films and I am pretty exhausted. Absolutely worth it.

Don’t forget to go to the Outfest Streaming Site. I visited it the other day. It’s a free sign up and you can see a slew of work from Outfest from previous years for free. It is amazing. Thank you Outfest, thank you Direct Tv!

My advice: log in and search “the First Date” it is an Outset short from a few years ago and it is absolutely hilarious.

The ever amazing Kate Gorney.

That project had me on the phone with Kate Gorney’s manager trying to convince her to be in my project (it worked) she’s in mine too.

It makes me laugh and giggle.

Now that you’ve gotten this far in my blog you know my two favorite reactions to movies is laughing and giggling like a school girl.

Janella Lacson

Here’s the trailer. I’m telling you, go to the streaming site and fill your eyeballs.

Written/Directed by Janella Lacson. This girl is amazing. After doing this short she got herself through NYU film school and is now hitting the industry. I can’t wait to see the films she will make in her future.

Okay! 1998 was a great year for lesbian films. It was great but be prepared…super super depressing.


Definitely top 10 all time favorite lesbian movies but don’t watch it unless you are prepared to be totally bummed out.

It’s about a woman, Syd, who discovers her upstairs neighbor used to be a famous photographer, Lucy Berliner.

Now Lucy sits around with her friends and does heroine all day long because she couldn’t handle the life of fame. Syd makes Lucy want to change her ways.

This movie also features one of my absolute favorite actors, Patricia Clarkson.

She plays Lucy’s girlfriend, a German actress, and despite the fact the character is a totally drugged out wreck, she plays every scene with such grace.

I could do an entire ten page blog post on Patricia Clarkson but this is the only lesbian film she is in.

She is in quite a few LGBT movies but this is the only lesbian. I’ve added links to Patricia Clarkson’s imdb so you can watch more of her. I feel like she’s one of those actors you know you’ve seen but you’ve never known their name, like…Holland Taylor. Same thing, as soon as you see her face you’re like “ohhh, that’s who that is?!”

Fun fact, this movie was made in a time where the camera jib was just starting to gain steam. Lisa Cholendenko, not previously knowing anything about the piece of machinery grabbed it and ended up using it for almost every shot. The fluidity of the shots really illustrate the character’s states of mind on heroine.

I. Love. This. Movie.

High Art VOD


I’m willing to bet everyone has seen this film. This is like lesbian movie 101 here. If you haven’t seen this movie then I feel like you should turn in your lesbian card right now! Or…just watch the movie and pretend you’ve known about it all along.

The real Gia.

Angelina Jolie in the 90s is a lesbian institution. We’ve all been through the Angie phase and it was great. She has another lesbian film on the list coming up in a few years, I know you can’t wait. OH MY GOD. (insert sound of record scratching to a stop here) THAT OTHER MOVIE WAS MADE IN 1996!

Damn, let me finish this post. Gia. Angelina Jolie tv movie about lesbian model Gia Carangi. It’s great.

Here’s where you can see it (wahoo, free with a Prime Membership) 


I cannot believe I skipped over 1996 and this movie. I watched this film on a loop. I’m not going to say it’s at all a great movie. Gia is by far better but for some reason I loved this movie.

Based on the book Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang by Joyce Carol Oats. It doesn’t look like they have a Kindle edition…so you’ll have to go old school on this one.

Yeah, gettin’ naked for tattoos.

This story is about a loner rebel who strolls into town, causes trouble, saves some asses, and unites a group of teenaged girls and falling in love with one of them.

There is not a lot of outward lesbian content in here except for the two main characters briefly talking about being in love but damn was Angelina so cool.

This film also features my favorite musical act and my second favorite wilderness girl (who I also mention in this previous post) Jenny Lewis.

Jenny Lewis then.

Jenny Lewis now.

Let’s take a pause to watch another Jenny Lewis music video.

Watch the movie THEN read the book. The images from the movie mixed with the added lesbian content in the book will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Jenny Shimizu.

This film also features Jenny Shimizu, the model who dated Angelina Jolie.

Man…you can only get this one used on dvd.

Interesting…it looks like a French filmmaker, Laurent Cantnet, made a movie based on the book in 2012.


Here is the 2012 VOD. I haven’t seen it yet but I will watch it.

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