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Sharing An Ice Cream With Leisha And A Title Which Pisses Lesbians Off From 1997

First off I want to start with: what an incredible night at Outfest.

They had the opening ceremony downtown featuring the documentary Tig, which I hear will soon be on Netflix. It is such a beautiful work you must see it. They also honored John Cameron Mitchell and the legendary comic Gary Marshall said a few words. So so much fun.

Tig can be seen on Netflix

We are now moving into the late 90s. I would say that starting from now we are about to hit all the movies which has made me super proud and excited to be a lesbian.

I have friends who were a little older than I was in the early 90s and the flicks I previously covered were their staples and held special places in their hearts but I am so excited to tell you about films which have inspired me over the years.


This film surrounds two best friends who live in Hell’s Kitchen. One of them is finding her identity and trying to maneuver around the romantic feelings she has for her best friend. Her best friend is a total basket case.

This movie also features Leisha Hailey as a band member of a punk grrl band.

Oh man I had such a celeb crush on Leisha Hailey with her pink hair showing the main character how to play guitar and gently getting her to be okay with who she is, whilst eating an ice cream cone.

I watched this one on a loop but I haven’t seen it really since that time.

You watch it and tell me if it’s too full of angst.

Definitely worth noting, Wilson Cruz is also in this film.

I just watched the trailer and felt 19 again.

This, of course, features music from the Murmurs.

I knew this one was going to be a tall order for VOD and it is.

Here is a link so you can buy a copy of the dvd.

You have read my blog, I’m pretty open about my tastes in films. This one is absolutely a film you need in your collection.

And as a reward:


Okay…….I’m not sure this can really really be considered a lesbian movie but I will talk about it any way.

This movie should really be called “everyone falls in love with Ben Affleck.” It’s an enjoyable movie. I like Kevin Smith. I think he is pretty awesome for consistently casting his girlfriends as lesbians; he was dating Joey Lauren Adams at the time. But this movie is super annoying.

Yeah yeah yeah, be who you are and if you find love you should grab it no matter who it is or what their gender but….his character is not that charming or good.

They are both looking at him like a big cone of ice cream fed to you by Leisha Hailey.

This is more of an indie classic than a lesbian classic and I’m sure you’ve seen it but I’m adding it to the features database on the main page because Joey Lauren Adams does start and end the film as a lesbian.

Also something I want to note. I love Kevin Smith’s idea for this project. It’s an idea I use in my own work. The idea that everything has its time and once that window is closed no matter how you felt at the time it’s difficult to re-open.

A simple way to say that you need to go for it while it’s there.

Chasing Amy is free on Amazon Prime.

I’m going to do just one more today. Made in the same year.


Okay, this is not a lesbian movie but it is a definite LGBTQ must see.

It’s the story of a transgendered little boy. He doesn’t understand why the kids at school and the neighbors get so mad at him. He is just quintessentially himself.

This is such a heartbreaking, heartwarming story about a family accepting their young son who doesn’t understand why he is causing so much drama.

 He just wants to dance in dresses, play, watch his favorite television show, and marry the little boy next door.

If you want to feel really good when the credits role, this movie is a definite must see. I’m not sure how I came across it but I’m so glad I did.

Sorry, this is the only trailer I could find and it’s a little rough.

Ma Vie En Rose VOD

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