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Why Does Mary Louise Parker Always Have To Die? and Other Titles From 1995

Oh man. I’m spending so much time trying to catch up. I have 12 note cards full of topics. I want to hit all of them for history sake, and in case you haven’t seen them.


Now admittedly I have not seen this movie in a long long time.

For a while there Mary Louis-Parker was on a kick; this character gets a terminal disease, that character gets a terminal disease. So sad.

Darn you Mary Louise-Parker for being so effing loveable in your roles.

Gees, give her blond hair and she looks like the leader of some 90s home owner association’s welcome wagon.

Whoopi Goldberg portrays a lesbian character, in this road trip adventure, who is in love with Mary Louise-Parker, shocker; except Whoopi isn’t as lucky as Idgie here, takes care of her through her sickness and they both have to babysit Drew Barrymore along the way.

Remember when Drew Barrymore was kind of like Miley Cyrus? Did you all see the video of Miley making out with a  super model? Yeah…it wasn’t as interesting as I thought it would be either.

Not so so much lesbian content in here but it is a really happy, sad, heartwarming, edgy ride of a film with a lesbian lead.

This one seems to only be on Amazon and kind of expensive but it really is a great flick.

Amazon VOD Boys On the Side

Speaking of AIDS, is that an inappropriate transition? Speaking of AIDS, this would be a good time to mention another project Mary Louise-Parker did called Angels In America.

Adapted from a play, this ensemble piece surrounds the AIDS crisis in America in 1985 and has an amazing all-star cast of Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson, and of course Mary Louis-Parker. The great news about this one, which I haven’t been able to offer you much on other older titles, is you get to see it free with an Amazon Prime membership.

Not that I want to be some kind of commercial here but I love Amazon Prime. I realize Amazon is a big, bad, monster of a company…I once heard an NPR story about a reporter who decided to see what it was like to work in one of the Amazon warehouses.

I’m not going to tell you the story. Instead if you have interest I’ve added it to my post from the podcast Radio Lab.

If you haven’t heard of Radio Lab then you must! (I’ve added a thousand links to their page, that is how much I love this podcast)

Radio Lab is one of my favorite podcasts which tackles one subject at a time with three different spins…this one changed the way I choose shipping.

Not lesbian but trust me, you’ll be hooked. Okay, I’m old and technology isn’t as easy for me. I couldn’t figure out how to successfully embed the player so below is a link to the story on their site.

Anyway, Amazon, questionable, but the digital model they’ve created far surpasses iTunes, in my opinion.


This is an angsty portrayal of teenagers in love and how dramatic it can all be. Laurel Holloman, pre Tina. Do we have any team Tina here? I am not team Tina at all, so it’s okay if you have some words to say.

This is a cute film and I know it’s shocking but it’s really all I have to say about it. After Go Fish this was the second lesbian film I’d ever seen so I feel a little discomfort.

HA, and the trailer features a song by the Murmurs. I’ve added their iTunes link again just in case you missed my previous post about them. (here’s a link to that post if you missed it.)

Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls In Love VOD

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