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The 1994 Title Which Makes Me Feel Funny About This Card Game

This day has been looming over my head since I started the blog. It is the day we talk about


This film is not for the beginner lesbian who wasn’t of age in 1994.

There I said it. It was one of the first lesbian movies I saw before I came out and it was a little overwhelming.

It’s in black and white and about life as a lesbian well into being a lesbian and super artsy. I felt so uncomfortable with this one that one day at Outfest years later I saw Guinivere Turner in my peripheral and it made me feel strange inside. This film characterizes one of the most uncomfortable times in my life

when my young, closeted mind should have held off until I was more comfortable with myself. But I didn’t. See it, tell me what you think.

Are you seeing a trend here? I think if you are a lesbian who likes lesbian films you should absolutely see everything that is out there which has defined the genre. This film is so important. Knowing our history is so important.


Rose Troche

Let’s talk a little about the director and the writer/star. If you don’t know the names Rose Troche and Guinivere Turner then click on their names and get to know them. They are amazing.

Here is an article from After Ellen about them and the film.

Rose Troche pioneered the genre and brought us some of the biggest titles, not only in the lesbian genre, but in general. The L Word, South of Nowhere, Six Feet Under. We have so many reasons to thank her for her contributions and this film was her directorial debut.

Guinivere Turner

Guinevere Turner. Apart from lending a hand and her writing knowledge to others, she has also acted and written some of the most amazing titles. She credited with American Psycho, episodes of the L Word, the Notorious Bettie Page, and Breaking the Girls.

Not only are these women incredible role models for lesbians in the industry but for women in general.

Follow them on Twitter. Go to their web pages. Educate yourself on what they have done for you and this film Go Fish is where they started.

Guinivere Turner Twitter

Rose Troche website

Here’s a video of them talking about Go Fish.

Your comments or questions on this post or the blog are much appreciated!

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