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2 Ways Megan Follows Has Gained Lesbian Fans For Life

Holy crap. Call me out on this next time! I was driving to work down in San Diego yesterday and over an hour into the trip I realized that I totally missed this gem of a lesbian classic.


Okay, so this is another one where you say “She falls for Gilbert blah blah blah” Jonathan Crombie may you rest in peace but I assure you, Anne is in love with Diana.

I started reading the books. You can get the entire series for only .99 on your Kindle device. Wait…are you one of those people who still buys books made of paper? Those are available too for a little bit more money.

Umm…………what were you saying about Gilbert?

Just look at the facts people. Anne moves into this house. Everyone thinks she’s a little strange. She’s romantic, she’s imaginative, all she wants is a “bosom buddy.” Yeah Anne, me too.

Her and Diana fall madly in love and Diana’s mother just looks for a reason to keep them apart.

So Anne accidentally gets Diana drunk. It wasn’t her fault! She doesn’t know the difference between current wine and raspberry cordial, she’s lived a rough life!

Diana gives her a lock of her hair! Anne is miserable! They are in love and I don’t care what anyone else says.

Just read the book. You’ll see. I don’t believe in this “growing out of it” thing, I just think Anne did what she thought she must.

I love Megan Follows. Has anyone watched Reign? Megan Follows plays Queen Catherine.

I would not have given that show a first glance if she weren’t in it and she is BRILLIANT. It’s funny when you grow up watching something shot when you were a mere baby then watch something else fast forward 30 years in the future; that’s funny.

Anyhoo, it’s funny to fast forward 30 years in the future and though your childhood crush is a grown ass straight woman, she’ll always be that gay little girl who made me so happy for reasons I didn’t yet know.

Here’s a fun little post with video about Anne and Diana on the Dorothy Surrenders blog.

The only photo I could find of her from Back to the Future. She’s kind of in the beginning when he goes back to 1955 and drives into the barn. She was cast as the daughter of the family.

After watching Reign, I kid you not, I did this exact Google search “does Megan Follows know that Anne Shirley and Diana Barry were gay together.” You will not guess what popped up! An article from the hallowed After Ellen site about a lesbian short film Megan Follows was in ::brain explosion:: Apparently it was at Outfest and I missed it!

Okay, I’m sorry, I have to lift this direct q/a from the site because I didn’t even know what to do with myself. I’m linking the entire thing to the entire article because After Ellen is amazing and you should go directly there.

AE: This is also, of course, a lesbian role. How did that play into, if at all, how you prepared for and approached the role?
MF: It seems like there is something holding the woman back. She is inhibited and not fully realizing something of herself. I think that is universal, or at least something I can identify with. Trying to figure out who you are and reaching out for intimacy. It’s an interesting piece because obviously for something that is very intimate – like a sexual encounter in a bathroom – it is also with a stranger so it is complex. She is searching for intimacy and connectedness and doing it in a way where that’s not actually what is happening. It is and it isn’t.

SHE WANTS INTIMACY SO SHE HAS SEX IN A BATHROOM! I can’t even deal. Seriously, the most amazing thing I’ve ever read.

Here is the short. It is based on an Elizabeth Bishop poem. I’ll be talking at length about Elizabeth Bishop at another time. Currently I’m giggling like a school girl.

Anne of Green Gables dvd boxed set.

Your comments or questions on this post or the blog are much appreciated!

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