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3 Titles Which Made Nicole Conn A Household Lesbian Name (1992)


A whopper of a lesbian flick.

I can hear a Celine Dion song faintly playing in the background….it’s all coming back to me….

I need to preface with the fact that, again, I saw this much later than 92.

In history and lesbian filmmaking, Claire of the Moon is spectacular. It’s an incredibly diverse cast tackling the subjects of sex, love, and identity.

If you go for this one, make sure you realize you are probably not going to view it as this earth shattering film with today’s style. The acting, the shots, the dialogue, the wardrobe, the hair and make up, it’s all VERY 90s.

There. I warned you.

Nicole Conn was making films when lesbian movies were few and far between and she is still at it. After Claire of the Moon Nicole Conn went on to direct other lesbian classics as Elena Undone and A Perfect Ending; which screened at Outfest back in 2012.

I can’t even…here’s that Celine Dion hit from the 90s. It’s not her 1992 hit but in honor of the 90s….!

Claire of the Moon can be found on Hulu.

Okay, so I’m linking you all to Nicole Conn’s website and scrolling through her new stuff to see what I need to catch up on when I land on THIS

Watch it! I’d never seen it before now.

Nicole Conn cast some serious lesbian [fiction] royalty. Gabrielle Christian from South of Nowhere, Nicole Pacent from Anyone But Me,  (sorry guys, not talking about or linking you to these until it’s time! Blast, now you know they exist! If you watch them now, it’s totally fine, however you cannot get season 1 of South of Nowhere on VOD and let’s face it, it’s not as fun when Spencer and Ashley are not su-happy but there is relief for their South of Nowhere drama in other titles I will talk about later) and Barbara Niven from A Perfect Ending.

Nicole Conn. Really solid role model to lesbian filmmakers everywhere.

By the way. Has anyone else heard this song written by Gabrielle Christian a few years ago? It left me very very confused.

So I don’t think I want to leave 1992 without mentioning:


Oh Tilda Tilda Tilda. How I love thee.

This flick is wonderful. If you don’t know it is based on the book Orlando by Virgina Woolf. An androgynous woman passes herself off as a man until one day…she doesn’t.

While we’re talking about Virigina Woolf I need to recommend to any writer A Room Of One’s Own. This book changed me somehow. It made me understand space. Virginia Woolf totally manipulated me from the great beyond! I’m not going to say it’s a page turner but it definitely left its mark and I think of it almost daily.

Orlando is a beautifully directed piece with an ethereal quality. She only briefly falls for a woman but her power as a woman doing what she wants is really what resonates.

Sally Potter is truly an artist.

I can’t move on until we take moment to celebrate Tilda Swinton. The woman has elegantly moved from genre to genre, magazine to magazine, blurring the lines of femininity and sexuality. She made me curious after watching Female Perversions, she keeps my wallet open at every magazine counter to gasp and delight in her latest and greatest photo shoots. Tilda Swinton, solid ally.

And now you’re hooked.

You’re welcome.

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