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This is how you make a fried green tomato BLT, oh yeah and I’ll talk about the movie too


Idgie Threadgoode, slacks.

                                                  I love outing this movie to straight women, I love it.

This story came from a book by Fannie Flag called Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe.  They are absolutely in love and with one another in the book which isn’t spelled out or talked about in the film but it is beyond me how women have watched this film their entire lives without realizing the nature of the relationship.

People. Listen to me. A tomboy with eyes for her brother’s girlfriend grows up on her own: fishing, bee keeping, playing baseball, wearing slacks, playing poker.

Idgie’s all like “Here, have another drink.”

The girlfriend, Ruth, comes back years later. They form a friendship. Idgie corrupts her enough to be fun, they share a kiss on Ruth’s birthday, she questions Ruth getting married, saves Ruth from her abusive husband, opens a business with her, is the best father to Ruth’s kid than anyone, protects Ruth from her ex, Ruth tells all of Valdosta that she loves her, Idgie cares for her when she is sick. I mean, come on!

They are basically as married as they can be. They are gay. “I am as settled as I ever hope to be.” If this is how best friends were back in the 20s then man I was born in the wrong time.

I’ve actually been to the real Whistle Stop Cafe. It’s in a place called Juliette, Georgia. Best damn fried green tomatoes and honey biscuits I’ve ever had.

It’s a weird place…I was expecting Disney, I don’t know why, I went 13 years after the film was shot. This place is legitimately where people from Juliette go for a quick bite; a bit scary and backwoods, but still worth the eight hour drive from my hometown.

If fried green tomatoes are your bag try this Fried Green Tomato BLT from my favorite food blog From My Impossibly  Tiny Kitchen

Holly is someone amazing I know in San Diego. Also you can catch her on Food Fighters.

Right now Fried Green Tomatoes can be seen on Netflix and you can also get it VOD here

Finishing thoughts:

Thelma & Louise


Not overtly gay as Fried Green Tomatoes but still lesbian-centric enough for me to mention.

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